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Square pacts LTD and Rippinit Productions in partnership with PROBESEVEN and Olivefield technicals have made accessible and available to Nigerians the world class School Management Software owned by Indian firm PROBESEVEN.


Like any other industrial system, Schools have a heavy need to maintain high volume of academic data for Students, Staff and Curriculums. Hence a need for effective digital data management system is crucial for an effective academic management. Capturing and managing the academic data such as Curriculum, Student & Teacher Profiles, Exams & Results, etc., is crucial and providing an easy storage and retrieval of data is what to expect from an effective data management system. Reporting is another aspect which needs to be as robust as possible. PenPencilEraser is incredible school management software for schools that aids in controlling, coordinating, communicating among the Management, Teachers, Students and Parents. Bestow your school the pride, privilege, possession of this distinctive school management software explicitly designed for Smart Schools. It ensures utmost safety and security as all the data are encrypted and protected against the unauthorized access. With the routine backup facility the fear of data loss is eliminated. Manage your school stuff Smartly, Simply and above all Securely!

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